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- by Lynn from USA Dear Lenka,
I am VERY satisfied with my trip! It was wonderful! Life changing. First, I want to comment on on how I felt safe travelling knowing that transportation would be looking for me and all my itinerary was planned. Second, you gave me just enough alone time to explore the cities and towns we visited. Third, our tour guide Miro was professional, informative, helpful and a delight to travel with. And, thanks to Miro, we
- by Patty from USA Hello Barbora,
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, especially Slovakia. What a beautiful country! There could not be a better guide than Lucia. She is so knowledgeable, friendly and so flexible when we asked to make changes to our trip itinerary. I don't know if a second visit to Slovakia is in our future, but if so, my first call or message would be to you to ask for your assistance again. I am happy to recommend both you an
- by Meirav from Israel Hi Lenka and Martin
I am now on my way back home.
Thank yoy so much for a fantastic vacation in beautiful and surprising Slovakia.
You do have an amazing country blessed with a huge diversity of landscapes , trails, villages and charming people.
The hotels were great and transfers were right on time.
Thanks to Martin I have followed all his suggestions and had a great experience day after day.
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Travel with us to get to know authentic Slovakia and we guarantee unique travel experiences doing outdoor sports in beautiful surroundings - walking, alpine touring, skiing, ski touring, cycle-touring, backpack-touring and other attractions; Breath-taking views from the peaks of the mountain tops, throughout Slovakia; Observation of mammals and birds, and excursions into the kingdom of plants and mushrooms, with expert guidance; Getting to know picturesque features of Slovak nature: waterfalls, lakes and scenic rock formations, mountain passes, virgin forests, protected reservations and rare fauna and flora; An opportunity to discover the underground beauty of the most beautiful Slovak caves; Getting to know Slovak historical features and traditional Slovak crafts; Getting to know all of the above, in family vacations.

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