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- by Alan from USA Veronika,
Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that we had an absolutely fabulous time. Martin was a perfect host. He not only was knowledgeable about all of the places he showed us, but was very personable and friendly. He introduced us to many Slovak people and we felt that we were very special in his hands. Please let him know that now my father is thinking of visiting with him as a guide as well. Give him o
- by Shauneen from Canada Hello Lenka;
cc Lucia, Anikó, Ewa
Thank you so much for your excellent and thoughtful organization in planning on memorable trip to Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague; and, all the interesting stops and tours along the way. Your careful attention to detail and all aspects including the drivers, accommodation, tours and tour guides was very much appreciated, and allowed us to focus on learning and delighting in t
- by Drew, Tommy, Andrew and Don from USA We feel very fortunate that Lenka and TravelSlovakia is the company we found to help plan and book our custom trip to Slovakia as well as three other countries. Taking our Dad for his 80th birthday to explore where his father and grandfather emigrated from has been a longtime goal of our family and we were able to put together a very excellent itinerary only with their help. Lenka was instrumental from the start in helping to plan our itinera

Travel with us to get to know authentic Slovakia and we guarantee unique travel experiences doing outdoor sports in beautiful surroundings - walking, alpine touring, skiing, ski touring, cycle-touring, backpack-touring and other attractions; Breath-taking views from the peaks of the mountain tops, throughout Slovakia; Observation of mammals and birds, and excursions into the kingdom of plants and mushrooms, with expert guidance; Getting to know picturesque features of Slovak nature: waterfalls, lakes and scenic rock formations, mountain passes, virgin forests, protected reservations and rare fauna and flora; An opportunity to discover the underground beauty of the most beautiful Slovak caves; Getting to know Slovak historical features and traditional Slovak crafts; Getting to know all of the above, in family vacations.

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